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you just do…

This weekend my family and I will be celebrating my mother’s 75th birthday.  I’ve given a lot of thought lately to the beautiful woman whose passion for life and endless creativity continues to inspire me. Through the years her generous spirit has touched many… her husband of 50+ years, her children and their extended families, grandchildren, and her many, many friends. One of the earliest life lessons she taught me is “to leave things better than when you found them.”  She certainly has and continues to do so.


my mother



my mother and me

one of my favorite photographs of my mother and me


My mother was my role model of a woman who could do it all and she made it seem so effortless. Her strength and passion to accomplish whatever she set her mind to, instilled in me the can do attitude I continue to strive for in my own life. She was always my mother first, and because of her love, guidance, and support through the years, she is my dearest friend.  I sincerely believe the reason why my relationship with my own daughter is so special, is because of the example my mother set for me.


35_yearsI found this photograph of my parents when I was putting together a photo book for their 50th wedding anniversary. The smile on my mother’s face says it all and is why I, like so many others… luv her so.


When my son was born, my mother came to stay with us so she could meet and spend time with her new grandson. I had recently been promoted and was working 50+ hours a week, going to night school, and although my pre-teen daughter was a huge help to me, I still felt so overwhelmed!!!  I couldn’t imagine having to do all that my mother had done for my dad and us kids throughout the years… a loving wife and best friend, raised 3 children and supported us in all our activities, and had a full-time career. During one of our mom and me moments when we were chatting about this and that, I explained to her how exhausted I often felt at the end of the day. “So how did you do it all mom?”  She thought for a moment, looked at me with that furrowing-her-brows-together look she sometimes gets, and replied with a smile on her face, “You just do Stephanie, you just do!

So for you my mother, it is with heartfelt appreciation and luv that I thank you today and always for all you’ve done and will undoubtedly continue to do… and I wish you the happiest of birthdays this year and every year after. ooxx

now let’s get this party started!!!

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