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springtime promises…

I received an Easter card from my parents this week and the sentiment was so lovely, I felt compelled to share it…


Springtime promises hope and love,
warm Easter breezes,
and blue skies above.

Springtime promises beauty to share,
the magical gift of new life everywhere!


magnolia blooms


The love of family and friends. a renewal of faith and hope,
and happiness that lasts through
every season —
may these be your blessings at Easter.


easter basket with french macaroons

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recipe for baked potato soup and social media

I’m scheduled to be in the studio photographing products for a new client, but I awoke to a rainy, chilly and a downright dreary day. The light in the studio is dismal at best and I find myself feeling rather eeyore-ish, and as sometimes overheard in the hundred acre wood,

Winnie the Pooh: “I like the puffy white clouds. Aren’t they… that is… oh, my goodness. They’ve turned grey.”
Eeyore: “Never trust a cloud, I always say.”

One of my favorite times to shoot is after a rain storm because the sunlight is naturally diffused by the clouds but it takes some time… like hours for the light to get just right. So as I wait for the rays of sunshine to emerge so I can get to work, I opt to make a pot of soup. But not just any soup. A rich, hearty, decadent soup that will most definitely bring sunshine to this cloudy morning. I came across the recipe when it was posted by a high school friend that I had the good fortune to reconnect with a few years ago via Facebook.

Like so many, fb quickly became my guilty pleasure and easy means for social interaction… from playing the many games, I seriously wanted to buy a real life farm at one time, to spending hours chatting and catching up with old friends. Fortunately I came to my senses and gave up the games and now limit my friends to those I truly know. But I still luv to browse the newsfeed as I sip my morning coffee, sharing in the lives of family and friends via photos, inspirational messages and sometimes as in this case, a delicious recipe!


bowl of baked potato soup by lensandladle

baked potato soup topped with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits and green onion


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Vanessa Samaroo - January 5, 2015 - 8:29 am

What a remarkable photographer! Beauty and such class…… The whimsical name “Lens & Ladle,” just lovely! This was a beautiful and inspiring find!

Stephanie - January 5, 2015 - 9:23 pm

Thank you Vanessa for your sweet comment and welcome to Lens & Ladle… you made my day!

you just do…

This weekend my family and I will be celebrating my mother’s 75th birthday.  I’ve given a lot of thought lately to the beautiful woman whose passion for life and endless creativity continues to inspire me. Through the years her generous spirit has touched many… her husband of 50+ years, her children and their extended families, grandchildren, and her many, many friends. One of the earliest life lessons she taught me is “to leave things better than when you found them.”  She certainly has and continues to do so.


my mother


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burgers and more for sacramento magazine

When asked by Sacramento Magazine if I wanted to do an assignment that would include photographing burgers, without hesitation I replied, “YES… all over that one!”

On the day of the shoot, I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.  The temperature was in the low 60’s, sky was a lovely shade of blue with big, white, puffy clouds and the natural light coming through the front windows of the restaurant where I set up, made the shooting conditions near ideal.

I met the chef first thing upon arriving at the restaurant and we discussed the dishes he would be preparing for me to photograph. Throughout the shoot he and his staff were great… they kept the food coming at a timely pace and each dish was nicely plated.

Here are a few outtakes from the shoot and some of the photographs featured in the article.


stephanie salo photography


stephanie salo photography

rodeo burger

I bought my son/assistant for the day, the Rodeo Burger for lunch and he said it was the best burger he ever ate!  I’m no dummy… pay him a decent wage — buy him lunch and afterwards he says, “Wow mom that was cool!” Now if I can just get him to clean his room!


During the shoot, a server was helping me by bringing the various entrees from the kitchen and clearing the food from the table after I was finished with it.  While I was working on the last item for the shoot, the thai garlic chicken wings, the owners asked me to take some shots of them around the interior/exterior of the restaurant. After about half an hour or so, when I got back inside the restaurant to finish up the shots of the wings, they were G O N E !!!  I asked my assistant where they were, and he said, “The server took them.


thai garlic chicken wings via lensandladle.com

thai garlic chicken wings


After locating the server and telling her the wings had gone missing, she laughingly replied, “Oh I’m so sorry, I thought you were done with them.” When she first brought the dish out she had said, “These are my FAVORITE!!!” and apparently she had set her sights on them. She quickly brought them back downstairs, albeit missing one celery stick, but the wings were still intact and I quickly got the shots I needed so she could finish her lunch.


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blue linen cocktail

One of the house specialties, the blue linen cocktail was photographed outside in the patio area which has a very cool granite table with a fire pit running through the middle of it.  Could be a great place for discussing “hot topics.” Okay couldn’t resist!  I watched the bartender mix up the cocktail and it’s pretty simple containing just a few ingredients: Hendricks gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, cucumber, blueberries, and lemon. A little alcohol, a little veg, a little fruit… mix it all up in a shaker, pour over ice,  add a slice of lemon for garnish and enjoy!


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smoked salmon pasta


tear sheet from the march issue of sacramento magazine


stephanie salo photography

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