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marketing promo… “I dare you to eat just one!”

A few months ago as a new subscriber to Real Simple® magazine, I received an adorable mini-spatula set and knew I had to include them in my next marketing promotion.  After successfully locating the manufacturer, Culinary Tech®, I placed an order for the mini-sets in the color “bittersweet” and each set was personalized with my website address. So cute!

mini spatula set


As a food photographer, the theme of the promo was to be food related and “home-made goodness” just felt right to me.  I wanted to include a vintage recipe of some kind but after looking through many of my cookbooks, nothing seemed to fit. After giving it some thought, I came up with the “Recipe for Satisfied Clients” instead.  The recipe although not edible, expressed my creative side and introduced my working “style” as a photographer. This was an important element since the promo was being sent to art directors and photography editors, and the majority of them were seeing my name and work for the first time.


The next “ingredient” for the promo was choosing the images and how they were to be presented — six photographs that best represented “home made goodness” were selected from my portfolio and the series of postcards were printed by moo.com.
postcards printed by moo.com


Bellybands and gift tags were designed in Photoshop, printed on white 110 lb card stock and hand-trimmed.

belly bands and gift tags


Each postcard packet was secured with a bellyband and sealed using “logo” stickers printed by moo.com.


The subject of the email promo was “I dare you to eat just one!” and a package of home-made cookies were included for those willing to accept the dare!



My personal favorites, Snickerdoodles were the cookie of choice as I didn’t want to take a chance with ooey gooey chocolatey cookies arriving in less than perfect condition.  The morning the promo was to be mailed, I baked a few batches of “mini” snickerdoodles, or mini snicks as I call them. The tags were designed in Photoshop and included the logo and subject of the email promo. The cookies were packaged in 4×6 cello bags and kitchen string was used to seal the bags and attach the tags. Shipping boxes and crinkle paper were purchased from U-Line and within a few hours, everything was packed and ready to be sent to their final destinations.


Stephanie Salo photography

2011 marketing promo “i dare you to eat just one!”

view the making of the promo below:


email promo:

stephanie salo photography


Below is a list of the items included in the promo, links to the vendors and prices  (tax and shipping excluded)

Culinary Tech®      mini-spatula sets  $5.45 each (incl tax and shipping)

moo.com  series of 6 postcards (300 total)  $249.95

moo.com  large round stickers for sealing kraft boxes $12.99 for a pack of 52 stickers (ordered 2 packs)

moo.com  small stickers for sealing back of bellybands $9.99 for a book containing 90 stickers

Uline      kraft small box   $  .35

Uline     white mailer box $ .68

Uline     kraft crinkle paper (10 lbs) $24.00

Staples  white 110 lb card stock for bellybands and name/package tags

Michaels   4×6 cello bags for cookies $4.99 (package of 100)

Whole Foods   kitchen string  $2.89

USPS  shipping priority mail   $5.10 / $5.95 per box depending upon destination

stephanie salo photography logo

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