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what is it about nantucket?

I don’t know exactly when or how I heard about Nantucket but until I’ve walked along the island’s shores, I am destined to continue my romantic notions about it.  Unlike other beaches where I can’t wait to relax under the tropical sunshine or frolic about in the surf, my thoughts of Nantucket are very different.  I imagine the coastal air is crisp, a gentle breeze moving through my hair and I can feel the salty mist melt upon my face.  I’m meandering along the shoreline wearing my favorite worn-in jeans rolled up, and a thick cozy cotton sweater (turtleneck?).  My feet are bare as I nudge the sand aside with each step I take, pausing every now and then to look back and gaze upon the path my footprints have made.  I notice something glimmering in the cool sand and stoop down to admire a stone rubbed smooth by its time in the sea. Simple moments, simple pleasures…
entrance to nantucket harbor from brant point

entrance to nantucket harbor from brant point (photo credit Paul Hildebrandt)

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