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fall bounty from the farmer’s market

There is something about the Fall weather that makes me rise earlier than usual, on a Saturday morning no less, don my comfy jeans and sweater and venture out to the local farmer’s market. Fortunately for us NorCaler’s (is that a word?), there are plenty to choose from. One of my favorites and only a 20 minute drive from our home, is the Foothill’s Farmer’s Market located in the lovely community of Auburn, California.

I arrive as the market opens not to get the best stuff, but to simply admire it all before it is picked through.  I love the simple arrangements overflowing with the morning’s freshly harvested goodness. Various fruits and veggies haphazardly tossed in a basket or delicately placed upon a table top, depending upon the vendor’s whim.  All appear so perfect as the early morning sun starts to shine upon them.  A small part of me  wishes I could meander the stalls without seeing it all through my photographer’s eye.  “Look at the light coming through so perfectly on the pumpkins!”  I think to myself.  “Oh my gosh the dahlias are so lovely with the mist still on their petals!” But I am what I am… and with my camera ready, I capture the simple pleasures of this season’s bounty. “Are those heirlooms and basil I see?”  click click click… Looks like I’m having caprese for lunch!”





I was pleasantly surprised to see heirloom tomatoes as I thought it was too late in the season for them.  But after talking with one of the growers, I learned that most have three plantings – spring, early and mid summer the last of which provides these beauties well into November.






The sounds of a jazz tune softly playing in the background as you browse for your seasonal favorites…  I love this toe-tapping gentleman and his stylish hat, shoes and well-placed tambourine.






 Plums are in season and I’m thinking it’s time to get in the kitchen and bake a plum kuchen.





I can’t wait to see what’s going to be available next week but one thing is for sure – we are definitely bringing a bigger basket!

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